About Joel Landau

As stated on his Crunchbase, Joel Landau is an entrepreneur and visionary whose main focus is improving and enhancing the healthcare delivery system. He is a committed community activist and maintains strong political, corporate, and community-based relationships. In addition to that, he is widely acknowledged for the innovative approaches he takes with The Allure Group in order to enhancing healthcare quality, improving profitability and containing costs.

A recent tweet from Allure’s CEO, reveals that since 1999, Landau founded several New York-based companies, all of which have been distinguished by rapid increases in revenue, outstanding management expertise, and responsiveness to industry and community needs. Landau is committed to leveraging well-grounded healthcare operating experience and industry knowledge to develop solutions that lead to improved health care quality and access.

Joel Landau often writes about healthcare entrepreneurship, offering clarity about the combination of management expertise and dedication to excellence. He has  been  a  featured  speaker  before  industry  and  business  groups,  including  events  sponsored  by America’s  Health  Insurance  Plans  (AHIP),  the  American  Association  of  Preferred  Provider  Organizations (AAPPO), and the World Research Group (WRG).

Landau donates time and resources to promote various charitable causes.  His active involvement in the community earned him the Person of the Year recognition by the Seneca Club of Kings County in 2004.