Healthcare Innovations to Watch

The world—and US—in particular has seen the rapid development and adoption of technologies that change the way we live. The healthcare system has also been affected significantly by these changes, with technology driving every part of healthcare. One step inside the facilities maintained by New York based Allure Care and can be seen how the innovative technology is going to change healthcare over the next few years. Some of the technologies are on the horizon, while others are already available for the masses, but none are systematically implemented in our healthcare system. Joel Landau, an American healthcare innovator and entrepreneur, founder of the Allure Group sees technology as an opportunity to achieve better outcomes and more efficient care.

Joel Landau: Healthcare Innovations to Watch

Over the past few years, we have witnessed some astonishing advances in medical treatments. The healthcare system in general needs innovative solutions, and a great deal money has been spent on solutions. However not all investments in innovation have been successful. Joel Landau is focused on a few innovations, which he believes can make healthcare better and less expensive. The first change needs to be in the way consumers buy and use healthcare. The second kind of innovation Landau strives to introduce, in all facilities maintained by Allure, is based on technology, and the process of using it in order to develop new treatments and products. With this he expects to greatly improve the provided healtcare in general. The last kind of solution that Landau suggests involves new business models.

For today’s time-stressed and increasingly empowered healthcare consumers, healthcare innovations need to be more-effective, more-convenient, and less-expensive. Health insurance should be more user-friendly. Just like all other consumers, patients also want quality healthcare, at an affordable price, that is easy to use. On average, Americans have to wait around three weeks for a primary care appointment, which normally doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes.  In addition to that, they often have to travel, go from one facility to another. But, as Landau notes, that doesn’t have to be the case. Emerging technologies such as telemedicine is one example of using technology to deliver timely and cost-effective care without the patient needing to visit a doctor’s office. Knowing how and when to adopt or invest in technology is critically important, and as medical technology evolves, there is more competition in the market.


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