How to choose the right nursing home?

Thousands of people in New York each year come to a stage where they realize that moving into a professional nursing home for elderly is inevitable. This is a trend that is on a constant rise and is not expected to slow down in near future. The reason for this is the fact that our nation is growing older and each day more and more Baby Boomers retire. This so-called Baby Boom Generation is U.S. citizens that were born after the World War II. As the nation is growing older there are less available people that can provide nursing care for them. One of the options is to move into a nursing home.

Allure Group Nursing Home in NYC

As for the elderly citizens and their family, selecting a nursing home and moving into it becomes a stressful process. One of the leading healthcare entrepreneurs from The Allure Group understands these situations situation. Specifically the owner and CEO of this nursing home, Joel Landau knows how elderly people and their close family feel when this happens. He and all the professional staff working at Allure Care love for this work and provide a genuine concern for the elderly people and all of those who need this type of support.

Everyone deserves a professional healthcare and a best possible nursing care. Every person wants this for his or hers elderly. Unfortunately, the achievement of this criterion, which is the main guiding principle in the work of Landau’s nursing homes, can not be seen in every other nursing home in New York. The motto of Allure Group is: “Elderly people that are staying at our complex, must feel like they are in their home. When they come here, they become part of a family”.

Allure’s standard services and experience that residents of nursing homes are based on three main pillars, which Joel Landau constantly strives to improve.
The first pillar consists of health and hygiene standards, the second competency and finally, there are the quality and quantity of care of the residents of our home for the elderly.
What are the precautions when working with the elderly? What are the hygiene standards on which insists as well as other health measures in question?
These are all factors that affect the quality of life in nursing homes for the elderly and to keep in mind when choosing a one to move in. That is why these three pillars are the foundation of Landau’s next project wich is to open a nursing home in Newtown, Boston. Currently, some new professional nursing staff is working on the criteria for any further training. In addition, Joel Landau is constantly investing in training and development of his skilled staff.


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